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Meet a younger,
healthier-looking you

Facetory engages key muscles with face exercises
so that you can unlock the wellness within
to look more serene and beautiful
than ever before

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Hygiene Tracker

Take care of yourself
the right way

Hygiene Tracker will help you form good habits
and focus on what really matters. You will become
more productive as you save your brainpower

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My Fasting Diet

Discover the world
of health and energy

My Fasting Diet uncovers new ways
to boost your health, lose weight, have more energy
and track weight loss and BMI –
all at your fingertips

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My Water

Control your water intake

My Water will help you to build a new healthy habit by reminding you to drink on time, stay fit and hydrated.

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Mood Balance

Track your daily mood

Mood Balance will help you to identify how you feel, make positive lifestyle changes and learn to cope with daily stress in the most effective way.

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